Darren Knight

Darren Knight aka Southern Momma is the fastest rising comedian in American history. He has cultivated a mass online presence, generating over almost half a billion views across multiple social media platforms in just a few short months. Darren takes his online presence to the stage, selling out theatres and casinos nationwide. He’s been compared to Jeff Foxworthy, as the next star of redneck comedy. Darren is from Munford, Alabama.
@ComedianDarrenKnight @ComedianDarrenKnight Darren Knight Official www.ComedianDarrenKnight.com


Catfish Cooley

Comedian Catfish Cooley brings high energy comedy to his southern following with a punch. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover — he’s not just a guy drinking hot sauce and chugging whiskey, he’s a real storyteller with a positive message. You may recognize him from when he was featured on Tosh.O. Sometimes compared to Larry the Cable Guy, he’s the happiest redneck SOB you ever did meet!
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Ginger Billy

Comedian Ginger Billy is a hillbilly from the backwoods of South Carolina with a thick accent and iconic ginger beard. Don’t be fooled by his abs and daisy dukes, he’s more than just a pretty face; alongside his comedy, he’s a music artist and body builder too. The Ginger Billy character is based on his father, which comes through his comedy onstage. He’s amassed hundreds of thousands of followers in less than a year.
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Red Squirrel

Comedian Red Squirrel has been entertaining audiences around the Southeast with her country twang, and out-of-control animated stage presence. Her twist on personal subjects involving the relationships between men and women are hilariously relatable.
@ComedianRedSquirrel @ComedianRedSquirrel Red Squirrel www.ComedianRedSquirrel.com


Gary Cargal

The life of any party and a guaranteed good time, Comedian Gary Cargal is a breath of fresh air and a good, stiff drink to the comedy world. His stage performance consists of comedy about his wife and two sons. Sometimes known as Coach Croker online, his alter ego is a sports coach that gives mediocre pep talks but has high hopes for his fictitious teams. His stern and boisterous behavior are attempts to conceal the fact that he is the least athletic high-school coach.
@comediangarycargal @comediangarycargal Gary Cargal


Andrew Conn

The Bang Productions Nitro Comedy tour welcomes a new and wildly animated personality, Comedian Andrew Conn to the stage. The newest additions playful personality and comical facial expressions resemble that of a redneck Jim Carrey, fueling the already hysterical lineup featuring Catfish Cooley and Ginger Billy. When Andrew isn’t busy sharing his offbeat, true-life experiences center stage, he’s sharing his comedic journey through unfiltered videos that are sure to make you laugh.
@ComedianAndrewConn @officialandrewconn AndrewConn Comedy


Cledus T Judd

Cledus T Judd is an American country music artist known for his daring parodies of today’s top country music hits. His bold lyrics and hysterical videos to match have named him the “Weird Al” Yankovic of country music. Judd has an impressive history, having toured with acts such as Brooks and Dunn, Brad Paisley, Trace Adkins, Toby Keith, the Dixie Chicks, Shania Twain, and Montgomery Gentry. Having released eleven studio albums and two EPs has led several of their singles to enter the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts. After hanging up his overalls for 3 years , he is “strate outta retarment” and funnier than ever with “My Weight’s Goin’ Up Down,” a parody of Morgan Wallen’s #1 Country single “Up Down” featuring Florida Georgia Line. The video premiered on CMT Music and CMT.com in late July and immediately became one of their top trending clips, hitting the CMT 12 Pack Countdown chart. With his upcoming Bang Productions tour “The Southern Momma Cledus T Judd Comedy Experience FT. Red Squirrel and Gary Cargal”, Cledus T Judd is back and better than ever.
@CledusT @cledustjudd Cledus T Judd Cledus T Judd – Biggest Hits www.CledusTJuddOfficial.com


John Edmonds Kozma

John Edmonds Kozma is the CEO of Bang Productions, a media, entertainment, and production company. Kozma is the newest leader in comedy, known for upturning the industry with a new and unheard of approach: social media. Kozma uses social media as the foundation for his comedian’s wildly successful careers.

Bang Productions came to fruition in 2016, when he discovered Darren Knight, the fastest rising comedian in American history. Kozma took Knight under his wing and went on to produce Knight’s tour, the Southern Momma An Em Comedy Tour that has since sold out over 200 consecutive shows all across the US. In response to Darren’s success, Kozma produced and directed the documentary Southern Momma: The Darren Knight Story, which showcases Darren’s meteoric rise to fame.

Along the way, Kozma signed 6 additional comedians and within their network, Bang Productions has amassed over 6.8 million fans. With the new comedians on board, Kozma produced the Nitro Comedy Tour presenting Catfish Cooley, Ginger Billy, and Andrew Conn. Since creating Bang Productions, Kozma has generated a unique business plan, making him one of the first entrepreneurs to organically gain a following by connecting with users through social media platforms. Due to Kozma’s great success with Bang Productions he has been featured on HBO: Vice News, has spoken at several colleges, and has developed a hefty following of his own where he shares his formula to success in the ever-changing comedy industry.
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