People Who Put In The Work To Make A Buck Or Two

Some people would just rather sit at home and watch movies, while others are all about the dough. Like it or not, money is the motivating factor to get up in the morning for a lot of people. These hustlers won’t stop at anything to get that extra dollar and the mentality is contagious.

As you’ll see on this list, the hustle starts really early for some people. Whether it’s selling playing cards at recess or their snacks at lunch, as long as there’s a deal to be made they’re going to be there.

“Listen Here, All Your Problems Can Be Solved By Binge Eating Gummy Worms, Trust Me”


We all need a little advice from time-to-time. For those big moments that you can’t call your mom and vent about, sometimes it pays off to have a trusted stranger to help you out. Taking the mantle from Lucy, this kid set up shop to hear people out, and for $2, it’s an absolute steal.

This Is The Type Of Person Who Would Also Put The Milk Carton Back In The Fridge After It’s Done

There’s nothing worse than wasting food. Once you finally escape your parent’s basement and realize just how expensive food is, you start to appreciate how much you money you can waste every week. Hats off to this guy who’s looking out for the rest of us. There’s nothing worse than having cereal with no milk.

The 2017 Version Of A Lemonade Stand

Supply and demand is a huge factor in every store, so when you see every kid under the age of 10 with a fidget spinner, you know there’s a market to exploit. These kids have heard enough parents scolding their children over how dumb these spinners are, so they’re willing to set up shop in the neighborhood to make sure their friends have 17 fidget spinners for every and any situation.

This Candle Is The Most Lit Item On Your Christmas List

You’ve got to give this guy credit to have such commitment to his craft. Candles will never go out of style. They come in every flavor imaginable, and make for the perfect gift for guys everywhere who have no idea what to get their girlfriend. After 14 years, this guy has dripped enough wax to earn a huge payday.

Free Hugs Are Great, But DELUXE Hugs Are Out Of This World

Never give away something for free if you can get a buck or two out of it. There’s always someone out there looking for the cheap stuff, but there are just as many people looking to fork over a little extra dough to make sure people get a high-quality product. Needless to say, I’m intrigued.

Geese Have To Pay Rent Too Y’Know

Con artists everywhere, take note. Gone are the days you could pull the old switcheroo with some unexpecting tourist walking by. Now, you need to train a gaggle of geese on your side in order to trick the average person. Good for this mother goose for looking out for her kids.

Save Some Money On A Microwave And Improvise

It’s important to learn how to be thrifty in life. One day you can be on top of the world, and the next have everything taken away from you. If you don’t know how to survive, you can be in for a world of hurt. So once the gormet dinners are off the menu, you’d better be able to react and make the best of what you got.

His Sister Asked For Money, So He Put Pennies In Jell-O

When you finally have enough money to give that special someone everything they could ever want, your life becomes instantly better. However, when it comes to your sister, you can’t just cut her a check. You’ve got to make her work for that money, and in true Jim Halpert fashion, this brother set a high bar.

For Anyone With Some Lack Of Depth Perception

Getting a car is an expensive investment. This is why I still ride the bus. So whenever I see a car driving down the street with a dent in the side or a scrape across the hood, I can relate to how easy it is to just brush it off and keep moving forward. However, you need your mirrors, so taking the DIY approach isn’t the worst idea to save some dough.

Ah, Give Or Take A Few Hundred Dollars

Well, they’re not wrong. The 99 cent store is a great way to save some money, but the industry has changed dramatically. Taxes are in constant flux, and with minimum wage constantly climbing, it’s hard to make a profit with nothing but singles coming through the till. So good for this store for finally being honest with us.

I Bet She Didn’t See That Sign Coming, Literally

It’s gotten harder and harder to be a marketer in today’s social media industry. They’re always looking for new, creative ways to draw some eyeballs. So it’s not surprising to see people branch out with new slogans. If it results in a few extra bucks, it works.

Let’s Be Honest, Zip Ties Fix Everything

Another instance of how it’s almost impossible to really invest in a vehicle. When you’re driving down the street in a ’94 Honda Civic, you know there’s only so much money worth investing. The whole reason you bought it was because it was cheap and affordable. So if you get a dent, you make it work.

Two Bucks, Get It?

DO YOU GET IT? DO YOU?! Ok, so there are a few ways to save a buck or two. As a country kid, every time I’m driving down those country roads at night, I’m on full alert for deer. I’ll drive down the middle of the dirt road because I know I’m not going to see another car for the next 50 miles, but a deer can spring up at any time. Stay woke, country folks.

Nothing Stops A Heavy Flow Better

If you’re a renter, you know how difficult it can be to get your landlord to actually step foot in the house to fix any problem that arises. So when you roof springs a leak in the middle of the night, you know that your landlord isn’t coming through for the next week, so you’ve got to get creative. Luckily, the tampon industry is constantly evolving.

That’s One Way To Save Money On Halloween

Do you understand how expensive it is to get a kid’s costume for Halloween? Good luck buying it in advance during the cheap season, because you’re kid is 117% going to outgrow it. So just wait until the last minute and throw together whatever you have lying around the house. We should all be so lucky to have this kind of body around the prime candy-getting time of year.

Save Money On Advertising By Using The Same Actor

Anyone in marketing knows how hard it is to get just the right person to be the face of your product, so when that special person walks through the door, you have to milk them for all they’re worth. So when they saw this guy walk in, they knew he had just the right look for both their male and female demographics. Considering they didn’t have to spring for a second actor, I consider that a win.

The Only Way To Ensure You Don’t Spend Any Cash On Black Friday

The second Christmas is over, everyone should do this. The end of the year is the time where we spend the most money, so naturally, we spiral into debt. Everyone should consider this as their new New Years resolution. While online shopping might cause a bit of a problem with this idea, it’s still worth a try.

I Mean To Each His Own, But USED Toilet Paper To Save Money?

This reminds me of that one person who would buy one-ply toilet paper, and then hang up their used TP on the line so they could use and reuse it a couple of times over. I’m all for penny-pinching, but this is going a bit too far. Plus, the price for this is $38. WHAT IS THIS MADE OF?!

When Life Gives You Lemons, Serve Lemonade

If you didn’t like any of those ways to save and make some extra bucks, go the old-fashioned route. Sure, it’s kind of weird to see a 47-year-old man set up on the side of the road selling lemonade for a quarter a cup, but it’s a proven winner.