Surprising Body Parts That We Can Absolutely Live Without

You’ll be excited to know that we have a lot of body parts that we don’t actually need. If you’re not excited about that, you’re going to be when you read this article.

Evolution takes a while to tweak what body parts we use and don’t use. This is why we, as human beings, have many parts that we may have needed in the past but don’t need anymore. Children are actually starting to be born without many of these spare organs and bones and it’s absolutely fascinating.

Have you lived through the pain of wisdom teeth removal? Turns out they’re not even necessary.


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Technically, tonsils are lymph nodes and lymph nodes are usually very important — but tonsils are a different story. These ones often get infected and it’s a huge hassle.

A lot of people get fed up with their tonsils and end up just getting them removed. The trouble just isn’t worth it. No one has ever died because of their tonsils being removed.


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The appendix is a worm-like structure at the junction of the large and small bowel. If the appendix gets inflamed, many times it’ll be surgically removed.

Often times people who have their appendix removed don’t notice any difference at all in their every day bodily function. It’s a somewhat common procedure.

Wisdom Teeth

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Oh boy. We can thank wisdom teeth for being such a pain in the behind that many people feel the need to get them removed.

This results in the countless hours of watching drugged up kids say weird things to their parents and friends after they have the surgery. Hilarious.

Subclavius Muscle

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It’s a muscle that starts under the shoulder and near the collar bone. It’s another pointless body part that has no use for humans now that we can talk straight up.

I guess it still has some use in people who are drunk and don’t know how to walk straight.

Darwin’s Point

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This is the closest you’ll ever come to having an ear like a elf. It’s the small folded bit of skin towards the top of your your ear.

It’s just a remnant of when our ears needed to be shaped differently for survival. The different shape would allow us to hear distant sounds.

Arrector Pili Muscles

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These are the tiny muscles that are attached to our hair follicles. When they tense up, that’s what causes goosebumps.

The contractions make our hair stand up. It shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that we don’t really need them. They are more of a nuisance than anything else.


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The Gallbladder is a pouch that holds bile produced by the liver. It slowly releases this bile into the digestive tract.

There are also painful stones that can cause cancer or inflammation. Most people have to have it removed if this pain happens but don’t notice a difference at all.

Male Nipples

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Nipples do have a function for females, but for males, they’re pretty irrelevant. Sorry, guys. We actually all start out as females in the womb which is why we have nipples.

The actual purpose of a nipple is to feed a baby human. That shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. If you don’t have a womb, you don’t need nipples.

Preauricular Sinus

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This is pretty cool. If you look around some people’s ears (I highly suggest you don’t because it’s creepy so just take my word for it), you’ll notice a little hole.

It’s supposedly where our ancestors had gills. But, now that we have scuba equipment, we don’t need them. So now they just get infected and don’t do anything.

Paranasal Sinuses

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If you’re wondering why sinuses are good for us, and what they do, well, nothing really. They’re really good at becoming infected and stuffed up when it’s allergy season.

It’s thought that our ancestors needed some extra nasal receptors during the hunting and gathering process but that’s not confirmed by any means.

The Philtrum

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The Philtrum is the little dip in the skin between your mouth and your nose. It’s where our face connects in the womb.

If it doesn’t connect correctly, it causes a cleft lip. Once the womb connection is done, there is no more need for it. It’s just a nice little skate park for crumbs.

The Palmaris Muscle

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This is the muscle that runs from the elbow to the wrist. It’s the one that’s kind of fun to flex when you’re looking at your forearm.

We don’t really use the muscle though. It used to be used to climb and hang on things but now surgeons just harvest it for reconstructive surgeries.

Plantaris Muscle

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It’s interesting to note that almost 10% of people are no longer born with this muscle and that percentage will continue to grow.

You don’t need to have it. I mean, unless you’re a primate that needs to grasp onto things with your feet. I’ll donate mine to a monkey if I have to.

Plica Semilunaris

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I don’t know why, but this really grosses me out. I would not be able to be an optometrist specifically because I wouldn’t be able to look at the Plica Semilunaris for a long time.

Reptiles and birds have third eye lids, and humans only have a little bit of one left. It’s where the arrow is pointing, duh.

Tail Bone

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If you think that humans don’t have tails, you’re wrong. Well, the tail bone is what’s left of our tails anyway.

We lost the need for tails when we learned how to walk upright. The tail bone is just a fused vertebrae at the bottom of our spine. I kind of wish I still had a tail.


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The six-foot-long tube is primarily to resorb water and prepare faeces by compacting it together.

Many people get their colon removed if it becomes infected or if there are cancerous cells surrounding it. Most people recover just fine from the removal but may see a slight difference in their bowel movements.

Body Hair

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This shouldn’t really come as a surprise to anyone, but body hair doesn’t really NEED to be there.

Yes, it helps with regulating our body temperature, but we all have friends that couldn’t grow back hair or facial hair if their lives depended on it. So, obviously it’s not mandatory.

Extra Toe

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I apologize because I grabbed the most raunchy picture I could find. By extra toe, I don’t even mean a sixth one. I’m talking about the pinky toe.

All lesser apes actually need the pinky so that they can grab onto branches and climb. But we don’t need it for anything really.

Cervical Ribs

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There are a few people who have ribs located above their collar bone. In fact, most people who have them don’t even know they’re there.

They literally don’t do anything. Gorillas and Chimpanzees also have these ribs, and not just the standard 12 that most of us have. They tend to cause neck pain in some people.

Female Vas Deferens

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When you’re in the womb, the Vas Deferens tubes are the same for both males and females. But, they become VERY different.

At a certain point, the Vas Deferens in males become the tubes that transport sperm. But in females, they are literally just tubes that carry nothing special and don’t go anywhere.