By Gerard Haran


Social media is supposed to be light.

A wonderful zoo of food pics, kooky cats videos and awkward status updates that your aunt meant to text. 

Scroll for thirty seconds on your favorite platform and you'll find some cross-section of 12-year-olds learning new dance moves,130-pound men constructing mud hot-tubs with their bare hands and a comically tasteless bikini pic accompanied by a cryptic Marylyn Monroe quote.

There is a great unifying nature to social media.  Regardless of race, gender, religion or age--we all want to swim in those little dude's backyard pool and we all KNOW that bikini babe's boyfriend is in BIG trouble. 

This IS us. 

Social media is our entire zeitgeist laid bare before our eyes and OUR WORLD IS AMAZING and it is more connected than ever before...which has made us ripe for the taking.

You've undoubtedly noticed the tone of social media has changed as quarantine drags toward the 60 day mark. 

The lighthearted shenanigans have given way to debates over moral justifications and accusations of conspiracy and corruption. 

Where once there was gifs and memes there is fear and anxiety. 

There's an unfamiliar pang in the pit of our stomach.  Some primal beacon telling each of us that something's fishy.  Our instincts knocking at our insides, telling us to be ON GUARD. 

Regardless of political leanings, preconceived attachments and personal biases, we are all feeling that same heightened awareness that something just...isn't right. And it's making us both very aggressive and very defensive. 

You see, people don't try to steal things that are worthless--there aren't any armed guards sitting watch over Arby's Horsey Sauce.

But our culture? Our Zeitgeist? OUR FREEDOM? worth hi-jacking.

I mean, take a step back and just consider for a second that despite our deep political divide and idealogical differences our nation--and our world--just showed the greatest mass empathy the Earth HAS EVER SEEN!!

We VOLUNTARILY shut ourselves down and shut ourselves itself in.  WE REFUSED to put our personal ambitions before the lives of our neighbors. When it came down to brass tax, THIS is how THE PEOPLE of the greatest nation the world has ever known reacted to crisis

We lead by example, we put others FIRST and for that we are to be commended! But instead, there are people demanding we give more.

Have we have STILL yet to prove our moral fiber?  Apparently. 

As it turns out, the only way to do that is to blindly OBEY their every whim. 

In the name of desperately trying to save our most vulnerable we gave unprecedented power and resources to a very small, very opportunistic group of people.

In this piece, I will make no qualitative judgements as to whether that move was right or wrong to do.  If you follow my page, I suspect you already know my personal position on the matter--but that is my OPINION.  It is not fact. It is not set in stone and my mind remains open to any and all new information. 

What is NOT opinion is the fact our leaders have been granted more money, power and trust than ever before in the peacetime history of this country and it is now THEIR JOB to earn that trust EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.

They need to PROVE they are acting with concern for our safety not concern for their power. Instead, we've seen increased censoring of social media posts, videos that challenge official narratives taken down and protestors jailed as literal criminals are set free.

Our un-elected officials in big tech seem only interested quelling dissent and our elected-officials in Congress refuses to go back to work.  

This is NOT how you earn the public's trust.

As uncomfortable as it may be, we NEED argument right now. We need debate. We need both sides to hash this thing out! Even when we disagree we win, because we are communicating, we are learning from one another and we are growing our--for lack of a better term--"mental antibodies." 

All we have left is each other...and social media. 

I Love you America. I really, truly do.  And despite what you may think, I don't want to argue online. I want to tell jokes, make movies and flirt with women outrageously out of my league.  I want light comedy, baby yoda memes and the erudite philosophies of Catfish Cooley dominating my newsfeed again.  I want to sit on a beach nursing a hangover with a beautiful cuban by side (cigar or otherwise...) and JUST. BREATHE. 

But that ain't happening until we get this mess sorted out!

Now is the time to be educated yet open-minded in our opinions and unleash the true power of social media to demand answers from our powerful!

We are the guard dogs that will scare the would-be thieves away!


Bark loudly and bark often!

Gerard Haran 


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